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Webinar recording: Bicycle infrastructure & gendered safety perceptions - A Feminist exploration

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Thursday, November 11, 2021

1pm - 2pm Eastern Time

The gender gap in bicycling persists in countries and cities with low bicycling rates. Two hypotheses are commonly used to explain this phenomenon: first, that the disparity is a product of differences in gendered trip-making behavior, and second, that it is caused by differences in perceptions of bicycling safety between men and women. We examine gendered safety perceptions in response to new bicycle infrastructure. Drawing on feminist theories of performativity and embodiment, we conclude that differences in gendered safety perceptions are likely a product of social norms, expectations, and traditions.

Co-Sponsored by TRB Standing Committees:

Standing Committee on Bicycle Transportation (ACH20)


  • Dr. Raktim Mitra

  • Matthew Graystone

Join the TRB Women and Gender in Transportation Committee for a webinar series that highlights the intersection of women and gender-related topics with other transportation topics.

AME20 ACH20 Bicycle Safety Webinar_November 2021
Download PDF • 276KB

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